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Ostilio (Gus) Mastrobattista (courtesy photo)

Fitzgerald: For immigrant families, the American Dream’s script comes in English

Joe Fitzgerald Sunday, August 06, 2017

They say we should pick our battles carefully, that we don’t have to go to every fight we’re invited to, but some annoyances just can’t be ignored, as CNN ­reporter Jim Acosta reminded us in his overbearing confrontation with White House adviser Stephen Miller.

Immigration used to be the essence of the American Dream. Indeed, we made it our national motto: “E pluribus unum,” or “Out of many, one.”

But that notion has taken quite a pounding from revisionists, activists and political opportunists who’ve turned immigration into an explosive issue.

Acosta, asking if the White House “was trying to change what it means to be an immigrant,” smugly reminded Miller the other day the Statue of Liberty “doesn’t say anything about speaking English.”

Maybe that’s because it never needed to be said.

There’s a wonderful memory here of a neighbor, Ostilio Mastrobattista, known to all as Gus, who came to America by way of Ellis Island, starting out from the hills of Lenola, halfway between Rome and Naples.

Gus was a gifted baker for Dorothy Muriel, Sunshine Biscuit and First National Stores before finally opening his own shop on Tremont Street, just a few blocks away from Mission Church in Roxbury.

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MA. AG Maura Healey | When political ambition overrules the duty to protect the people of Massachusetts

Note: These United States have been at war in the Middle East, at least for this go around, since the early 1990s. Common sense should tell anyone, even Ms. Healey, that these United States have created many enemies in the region, enemies that might even want revenge. We have already seen a taste of that revenge,  in the city of Boston.

This would be an accepted common sense reality of the situation and no matter what administration is in the White House, Ms. Healey should be working with them to ensure the security of the people of Massachusetts, not playing political games.

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Healey to join federal lawsuit against new Trump travel ban

Chris Villani Thursday, March 09, 2017

Attorney General Maura Healey is planning to join a federal lawsuit filed by the state of Washington in opposition of President Trump’s new immigration ban, her office announced today.

In a statement, Healey said: “President Trump’s second travel ban remains a discriminatory and unconstitutional attempt to make good on his campaign promise to implement a Muslim ban. We are consolidating our legal efforts and joining fellow states, led by Washington, in continuing to challenge this Administration’s unlawful immigration policies.”

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