Are you “one” of the living?

LM: Each and every one of us come into this world alone and each and every one of us go out the same way. Everyday each and every one of us awakens to a new day, a new world with limitless possibilities (i.e. the freedom of an individual, a one).

The quality or, the lack there of, of each and every one of our lives is as individuals, not as groups.

Are you living as an individual, a one, or just living some “one” else’s group reality?

In these United States, Free Speech is everywhere. If you restrict it for me, you’ll eventually restrict it for yourself…

LM: We are beginning to see, in these United States, special interest groups trying to limit freedom of speech, in essence, freedom of thought.

Cultural Marxists and Communists have already attempted the elimination of freedom of speech, in many countries, in the past, initially striving for some sort of Utopian ideal but later finding out that they have created an authoritarian regime that eliminates their freedom of speech as well. Usually they are the first to fall under the guns of their newly created regime.

Do we really need to go through this again ?

Do some research before you fall under the spell of the cult of mediocrity.

And remember, unlike other countries, the Bill of Rights, includes a 1st Amendment to express ourselves and a 2nd Amendment to back it up.

Welcome to the Reservation | Russell Means

“Everyone who’s born in the Western Hemisphere is a Native American. We are all Native Americans.” Russell Means

I miss Russell, especially his straight taking enlightened way. In this documentary, he reveals to us, that the very same people that destroyed the first Native Americans are destroying the new Native Americans of today.

Got Independence? : freedom from outside control or support : the state of being independent

LM: Sadly, today, most of us wouldn’t know independence if it came up and bit us.

The greedy ones have always endeavored to control. Why? Their power exists with that control. They are few and we are many. It’s just that simple.

They live in fear and will continue to use every means, at their disposal, to preserve that control.

BUT only if we continue to allow them to.