All the World is a Stage | Some people are farmers; most are milking cows….

LM: There’s not much information worthy of your consideration, either from the marxstream media or anywhere on the Internet, these days.

That said, once in a great while, the sun does comes out. Richard Hall and Andrew Johnson have a thought provoking discussion on the illusive Mr. Assange and Wikileaks.

As always, “make up your own damn mind.”

Sometimes you’re the windshield
Sometimes you’re the bug

Sometimes you’re the louisville slugger
Sometimes you’re the ball

Some people consider themselves farmers
Most people act like their milking cows.

Some people want to be free
and the rest, well… how can you help a milking cow?

Wikileaks : Made by the N.S.A. – PART 1 OF 4

of being an illusionary citizen supporting an illusionary Republic with an illusionary rule of law

“Our government is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction; to wit: by consolidation first and then corruption, its necessary consequence. The engine of consolidation will be the Federal judiciary; the two other branches the corrupting and corrupted instruments.” –Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Macon, 1821. ME 15:341

LM: Jefferson’s quote says it all. Whatever you think of him, he was a knowledgeable, student of history as well as, of human nature.

Republics, like Empires, come and go. And that’s all right.

But the individual with his or her principles, or lack thereof, remains.

With that in mind, I see no need or benefit in being an illusionary citizen supporting an illusionary Republic with an illusionary rule of law, any longer.

over and out! ;-)

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While the LA LA Times laments Trump, The King of CA. calls his citizens “freeloaders”.

LM: Wow CA. people. I didn’t know you adopted a Monarchy.
The Marxstream LA Times bashes Trump but it seems quite happy with this abuse of the people by His Majesty, King Jerry Brown. LOL

In all seriousness, I think it may be time for some action…

We hang Kings in Boston.;-)

Cali Governor Jerry Brown Slams “Free-Loading” Taxpayers For Opposing Higher Taxes

Authored by Mac Slavo via,

excerpt from Zero Hedge article.

Amid this outrage, California Governor Jerry Brown defended the senator and the gas tax in a recent speech, during which he revealed how much disdain he has for middle class voters who are tired of being taxed to death

Republicans say budget cuts should be made to fund road maintenance. A failed GOP plan proposed last year would have tapped into cap-and-trade money used to lower greenhouse gas emissions, cut Caltrans positions and eliminated other positions that have been vacant. It identifies other funding sources, but doesn’t specify what programs would be cut if that money was diverted to roads.

Brown said the plan is unrealistic.

“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said, adding that the approved tax and fee hikes bring those charges to the level they were 30 years ago if adjusted for inflation. “They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit.”

Of course, it isn’t just a few Republican senators who don’t want the tax hike. Polls have shown that more than half of Californians oppose it. I suppose they’re a bunch of freeloaders right?

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Why are they backing the Clown? | FBI Director Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel ‘bank of choice’ | 21st Century Wire

LM: Why would the former mainstream media, now known as the marxstream media, as well as many Pols, defend a man like this? hmmm

21st Century Wire says

Much has been made recently about the FBI and the Department of Justice letting off favored presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for admittedly mishandling classified information and using her own private email servers to do state business during her time as US Secretary of State. FBI Director James Comey was manning the key choke-point in the decision to not hold Clinton accountable for what so many before her have received convictions for. What many are not aware of is the political and organizational links between Hillary Clinton and James Comey behind the curtain of international high finance

An argument can be made that FBI Director James Comey has multiple conflicts of interest when it comes to interfacing with the great and the good, and the Clintons in particular. Based on the evidence available to hand – one could easily flag-up Comey’s relationships and past and present involvement with questionable banks, and the Clintons – as a type of conflict of interest (albeit indirect), if not an accessory to  institutional corruption, where Comey’s role as a top-level ‘fixer’ is self evident – fixing outcomes for those members of an elite international club of high finance and organized crime. Could this be the case? Let’s investigate…

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But she hasn’t got a bone through her nose… | Let’s make Liars afraid again! Part III | redux

LM: On one hand, we non-Native Americans might find Senator Warren’s lying entertaining.

But what if you are Native American? Maybe not so much…

Senator Warren used her self described Native American ancestry to gain admission to Harvard University. How is she any different to the people she constantly critiques?

Is Elizabeth Warren Native American or What?  | The Atlantic

by Garance Franke-Ruta

one of these people is not a Native American

Elizabeth Warren is not a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

Elizabeth Warren is not enrolled in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

And Elizabeth Warren is not one of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee.

Nor could she become one, even if she wanted to.

Despite a nearly three week flap over her claim of “being Native American,” the progressive consumer advocate has been unable to point to evidence of Native heritage except for a unsubstantiated thirdhand report that she might be 1/32 Cherokee. Even if it could be proven, it wouldn’t qualify her to be a member of a tribe: Contrary to assertions in outlets from The New York Times to Mother Jones that having 1/32 Cherokee ancestry is “sufficient for tribal citizenship,” “Indian enough” for “the Cherokee Nation,” and “not a deal-breaker,” Warren would not be eligible to become a member of any of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes based on the evidence so far surfaced by independent genealogists about her ancestry.

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Veterans For Child Rescue | Sunlight is the best antiseptic for corruption. Let it shine!

Veterans For Child Rescue

Mission Statement:

The organization’s primary objectives are to educate and increase public awareness , assist law enforcement and other legal entities to prevent and reduce pedophilia, human sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. ​

Additional Information:

This mission is accomplished by various means including, but not limited to; raising public awareness by means of documemtary television series, acting as a clearing house providing intelligence and other data to law enforcement, conducting seminars and other training to assist in the identification, prevention and detection of pedophilia, human sex trafficking and child sexual abuse.
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