This Week in Stupid (20/08/2017) | Sargon of Akkad

LM: Violent action only creates the same, no matter what side of the political spectrum it emanates from. All of these groups are eventually infiltrated and become the tool of some other.

Watch and learn but always, “make up your own damn mind.” 

Antifa are a domestic terror organisation. Please sign this petition to get the US government to classify them as such:…

TeaRiNG DoWN LiBeRTY… | williambanzai7

Absurdity Number 1: The reason Wall Street, Washington DC and corporate America are allowed to continue their non-stop economic gang bang of the American middle class, including in particular, economically distressed minorities, is a bunch of weathered confederate army statues and the activities of American neo-nazis.

Absurdity Number 2: Vladimir Putin owns your ass.

Absurdity Number 3: The H1B visa program promotes upward mobility for gender based, ethnic and racial minorities.

Absurdity Number 4: What is good for Wall Street is good for America.

Absurdity Number 5: The United States Congress represents the will of the people.

Abusrdity Number 6: The RICO Act does not apply to the criminal activities of Too Big To Fail Banks.

Absurdity Number 7:  War is peace…

March on Google to support James Damore cancelled due to “Credible Terrorist Threat”

LM:  hmmm. Now we have terrorist threats against people that want to peaceably protest. When you curtail people’s 1st Amendment rights, what do you think happens?

A protest march planned for Saturday at Google in Mountain View has been postponed, according to a blog post by its organizers, who said they had received “credible” terrorist threats.

As the Mercury News reports, the “Peaceful March on Google” has been postponed “due to credible Alt Left terrorist threats for the safety of our citizen participants,” the group wrote in a blog post. The group is protesting against the recent termination of engineer James Damore over a memo claiming which slammed the search giant for its “anti-conservative” bias and claimed a biological basis for the gender gap in tech.

From the blog: 

“Despite our clear and straightforward statements denouncing bigotry and hatred, CNN and other mainstream media made malicious and false statements that our peaceful march was being organized by Nazi sympathizers. Following the articles, credible threats from known Alt Left terrorist groups have been reported to and relevant authorities have been notified.”

In one instance, an Alt Left threat was made to use an automobile to drive into our peaceful march.

The blog also notes that in addition to the Mountain View campus, there were protests planned at Google offices in eight other cities, including New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Austin, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. The group hopes to hold its protest in a few weeks.

Complicating scheduling, the original protest was announced before violence erupted over the weekend in Virginia episode. That violence has now led to a counterprotest scheduled for the same time this Saturday, about three miles away from Google’s headquarters. On Tuesday, Mountain View police released a public statement saying the a planned protest was scheduled “for two hours Saturday afternoon at Charleston Park known as the March on Google”, the Mercury News reported. 

The organizers of this protest are not connected to the participants or to the events that led to the tragedy in Virginia last weekend,” police said in a release. “The Police Department has a responsibility to uphold everyone’s Constitutional right to free speech, and we want you to know that we are working with both Google and with the event planners to ensure the protest is a peaceful one.”

Elsewhere, the counterprotestors chose Mountain View’s Civic Center Plaza for the 1 p.m. event because it’s far enough away from the “March on Google” to prevent overlapping events and reduce the chance of confrontations, said organizer Lenny Siegel, the city’s vice-mayor, adding that this counterprotest is not an official city event. 

Life in the Alphabet cult’s GOOLAG

Part IV. Fired Coder Speaks Out On Google’s “Potentially Illegal Practices”, “Recorded Meetings” And “Science Denial”

For those who have managed to avoid this storyline, James Damore, now a former Google employee, caused outrage when he circulated a manifesto on Friday, complaining about Google’s “ideological echo chamber,” alleging women have lower tolerance for stress and that conservatives are more conscientious. By Monday, the chess master, who studied at Harvard, Princeton and MIT and worked at Google’s Mountain View HQ, was fired after the search giant’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, said portions of Damore’s 10-page memo “violate our code of conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes” despite saying in the same memo that Google employees shouldn’t be afraid of speaking their minds.

Now, for the first time, the former Googler sat down for a YouTube interview with University of Toronto professor of psychology, Jordan Peterson, to discuss the circumstances leading up to the release of his controversial memo and the fallout that has resulted since.

In this first exchange, Damore explains that he decided to write his now-infamous memo after attending a ‘secretive’ Google “diversity summit” in which he says presenters talked about “potentially illegal practices” intended to “try to increase diversity…basically treating people differently based on what their race or gender are.”

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Part III. The return of a Prodigal Son as a free thinking “Individual” | Welcome back James Damore !

LM: Damn right you do, Damore! This has the violation of your 1st Amendment, written all over it.

Give the Alphabet Cult a good fucking whack!

We individuals, would enjoy that, very much.

“I Have A Right To Express My Concerns”: Fired Google Engineer Will Pursue Legal Action; Assange Offers Job

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Part II. The Cult of Alphabet has been cleansed; the heretic exiled to the real world

LM:  James Damore, you may never know just how fortunate you are not to have been absorbed into the Hive Mind. Just one thing – Next time just leave, there’s no limit to the stupidity that exists in the computer engineering field today.

Congratulations, you are a free thinking individual! There’s not many of us left.

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Part I. The Cult of Alphabet | Submit to the Hive Mind or …

Silicon Valley “Outraged” After Google Employee Pens Viral Doc Slamming “Anti-Conservative” Culture

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Illiterate teachers produce illiterate students produce controlled societies | Legal Insurrection

To boost diversity, NY State drops teacher literacy test

 Posted by William A. Jacobson   

Test meant to raise teacher standards latest victim of diversity religion, minority students will suffer most.

excerpt from Legal Insurrection

New York State has been trying to raise teacher standards in order to solve the problem of low graduation and literacy rates in minority school populations.

That makes sense – how can an academically unqualified teacher be expected to help raise academic success among students. These increased standards were meant to help minority students by ensuring that qualified teachers were not limited to wealthier districts.

One of the key components of the push for higher teacher qualifications was a literacy test. The test is just one of several tests prospective teachers need to pass. That literacy test survived a court challenge in 2015.  A federal judge found that the test, unlike prior tests, was not discriminatory:

“… Judge Wood ruled that the state and Pearson, the testing company that helped devise the exam, had done a proper job of making sure that the “content of the ALST is representative of the content of a New York State public-school teacher’s job.”

Yet that has not stopped claims that the test is racist based entirely on the tests results, which Black and Hispanic prospective teachers passed as lower rates than whites.

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Denzel knows… And so does everyone else!

Denzel Washington Slams Mainstream Media For Peddling “Bullshit”

Denzel Washington had some “news” for the mainstream media peddling the narrative that the presidential election turned on “fake news:” It’s all bullshit.

Despite finding himself previously in the center of a “fake news” story, which falsely claimed the actor was switching his support of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, Washington still slammed the media implying it was no better than those “fake” outlets it criticizes.

Speaking to the press agency ITK at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Hollywood celebrity paraphrased Mark Twain when he said: “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed,” Washington said, while promoting his new film “Fences” according to The Hill.

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