Is it time to rejoin your tribe?

LM: Like the Native Americans, we new Native Americans were once a brave, independent and free peoples. We too, were members of tribes.

And look at us now. Depravity, Corruption, Slavery. These days, some can’t even identify their own sex and that’s just the beginning of it and we call that progress.

Our new public servants in the Federal and 50 State governments have used the reigns of power to enslave us by force and the threat of force, overruled us and become in essence, our new masters.

The tribes are reforming.

De-assimilate. Rejoin your tribe and let the rest fade into the black mist of their own making.


Globalism Is A Barbaric Relic – Voluntary Tribalism Is The Future                      Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Brandon Smith

I have been writing rather extensively about the ideology of globalism in recent months, primarily because the battle lines between sovereignty and global centralization have never been more defined than they are in 2016.  In the past, globalists have often hidden the true motives of their cult; namely the goal of erasing national borders and all remaining vestiges of self governance.  Normally, they would only pronounce the great advantages of globalization while dancing around the fact that millions of people will not accept it.  Today, however, the globalists have come out in direct confrontation with supporters of sovereignty.

After the Brexit referendum, a new tone appears to have been set.  The elites have now entered the mainstream media to state in essence that yes, they are globalists, they want total centralization and they are here to fight a philosophical and/or physical battle with those they call “populists” (also known as conservatives and sovereigns).

When they have discussed globalization in previous years, it has always been presented as some kind of natural progression of events rather than an agenda.  The first secret of elitist propaganda is their constant assertion that globalism is “inevitable;” that it is foolish to fight against it because it is the unavoidable future evolution of mankind.  The fact is that if globalism is so inevitable, the elites would not need to expend trillions in capital and decades of energy trying to fool the masses into accepting it.  If globalism is inevitable, couldn’t the elites simply lay back in their pool-side cabanas, sip their dry martinis and just watch it all unfold on its own?

Instead, the elites have foisted globalism upon the shoulders of the public, and are by some indications preparing for outright war in order to force us “populists” into compliance.

The second secret of elitist propaganda is their strategy to disguise centralization as decentralization.  For instance, the new globalist claim is that a shift away from a system in which the dollar is the world reserve currency into a system in which a basket of currencies becomes the world reserve is a move towards a “multi-polar world.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.

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All the World is a Stage | Some people are farmers; most are milking cows….

LM: There’s not much information worthy of your consideration, either from the marxstream media or anywhere on the Internet, these days.

That said, once in a great while, the sun does comes out. Richard Hall and Andrew Johnson have a thought provoking discussion on the illusive Mr. Assange and Wikileaks.

As always, “make up your own damn mind.”

Sometimes you’re the windshield
Sometimes you’re the bug

Sometimes you’re the louisville slugger
Sometimes you’re the ball

Some people consider themselves farmers
Most people act like their milking cows.

Some people want to be free
and the rest, well… how can you help a milking cow?

Wikileaks : Made by the N.S.A. – PART 1 OF 4

of being an illusionary citizen supporting an illusionary Republic with an illusionary rule of law

“Our government is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction; to wit: by consolidation first and then corruption, its necessary consequence. The engine of consolidation will be the Federal judiciary; the two other branches the corrupting and corrupted instruments.” –Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Macon, 1821. ME 15:341

LM: Jefferson’s quote says it all. Whatever you think of him, he was a knowledgeable, student of history as well as, of human nature.

Republics, like Empires, come and go. And that’s all right.

But the individual with his or her principles, or lack thereof, remains.

With that in mind, I see no need or benefit in being an illusionary citizen supporting an illusionary Republic with an illusionary rule of law, any longer.

over and out! ;-)

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The Gaping Holes of Russia-gate | Ray McGovern and William Binney |

The Gaping Holes of Russia-gate

Between Russia-gate and President Trump’s potential impeachment, Washington is blending the thrill of McCarthyism and the excitement of Watergate, as ex-U.S. intelligence officials Ray McGovern and William Binney explain.

By Ray McGovern and William Binney

Official Washington got to relive the excitement of Watergate in a “gotcha” moment after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. There were fond recollections of how righteous the major newspapers felt when condemning President Nixon over his “Saturday Night Massacre” firing of special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

Former FBI Director James Comey

But the overriding question from “this Russia thing, with Trump and Russia” — as President Trump calls it — is whether there is any there there. The President labeled it a “made-up story” and, by all appearances from what is known at this time, he is mostly correct.

A few days before Comey’s firing, the FBI Director reportedly had asked for still more resources to hunt the Russian bear for supposedly “interfering” with last year’s election to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump. And so the firing allowed the Watergate-recalling news outlets to trot out the old trope that “the cover-up is worse than the crime.”

But can that argument bear close scrutiny, or is it the “phony narrative” that Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn of Texas claims it to be? Cornyn quipped that, if impeding the investigation was Trump’s aim, “This strikes me as a lousy way to do it. All it does is heighten the attention given to the issue.”

Truth is, President Trump had ample reason to be fed up with Comey, in part for his lack of enthusiasm toward investigating actual, provable crimes related to “Russia-gate” — like the flood of sensitive national security leaks, such as the highly sensitive intercepted communications used to precipitate the demise of Trump aide Michael Flynn.

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Transgenda: Transgender and Modern Eugenics | Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill | UnSpun 061 | Update

LM: Jan Irvin, Joe Atwill, friends and guests undertake some of the most comprehensive research into the topics they cover. Their investigations are exposing the who, in the “who is creating our culture”.

We may not agree with all of their conclusions but the team provide all the necessary citations as a starting point for your own research, if so desired.

And then, as Gary Hendershot says,”make up your own damn mind”.

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