Don’t give me that Brother Brother Brother Brother | A Legacy of Lies | Let’s make Liars afraid again! Part IV

LM: This behavior is what we use to accuse, the so-called commies of, in their governments and elections.

This is now, how many of our – Judges, Diplomats, Bureaucrats, Security Services, Senators, Representatives and Presidents, of these United States – act. This is how much they are concerned for the people of these United States; This is how they represent us.

hmmmm – “A Legacy” – yah

from Zero Hedge and Mike Cernovich

Confirmed: Susan Rice “Unmasked” Trump Team

Once again it appears that Trump was right: the conspiracy theory that a close Obama associate worked to “unmask” the Trump team, resulting in the ongoing media spectacle over “collusion” between Trump and the Kremlin, has been confirmed, first by Mike Cernovich, and now by Bloomberg itself.

full article:


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