Let’s make Liars afraid again! – Part II | How to spot the liar

Note: Again lying is endemic in our Republic, especially in our Government and former mainstream Media.

Here’s a handy reference list so that you can identify lying…
Error—a lie by mistake. The person believes they are being truthful, but what they are saying is not true.
Omission – leaving out relevant information. Easier and least risky. It doesn’t involve inventing any stories. It is passive deception and less guilt is involved.
Restructuring—distorting the context. Saying something in sarcasm, changing the characters, or the altering the scene.
Denial—refusing to acknowledge a truth. The extent of denial can be quite large—they may be lying only to you just this one time or they may be lying to themselves.
Minimization—reducing the effects of a mistake, a fault, or a judgment call.
Exaggeration—representing as greater, better, more experienced, more successful.
Fabrication—deliberately inventing a false story.

Whether it’s the Security Services, the Congress or the President, individuals, in these government organizations must be held personally accountable to the people of these United States for their lying. And the individuals in the former mainstream media that obstruct and cover for these governmental organizations must be held to that same standard.

Liars must be made fear their lying again!



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