You can’t burn freedom. – Update

Update: My father served in the US Navy, in the South Pacific, in World War II. My grandmother said that he didn’t know “the kettle from the teapot” when he came home, in other words, he was messed up. Though I asked him about the war, many times, he would never speak of it, so obviously it was something that still haunted him. I understand and commiserate with those that are incensed when someone burns what they associate with the service of their loved ones.

However, there is great solace in the fact that most people, in these United States, would never burn the flag.

We have a 1st Amendment, in our Constitution, that ensures free speech for all that live here. And yes, this allows for the burning of a piece of cloth.

But you can’t burn an idea and you can’t devalue that idea by burning a piece of cloth. And it certainly doesn’t devalue, the ideals of generations of individuals, willing to sacrifice for what they believed in.



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