Green Day is suddenly afraid of fascists; Where have you guys been for the last 8 years? | updated

Note: You’ve got to love the hypocrisy of the Music Industry and Hollowood (sic). Some people will do and say anything for a buck. Are you guys known as Green Payday now?

The Obama Administration  has continued the Bush wars and started it’s own new wars, over the last eight years. Is Guantanamo closed?  How about those drones strikes on U.S. citizens and innocent civilians?

full articles:

Obama’s Embrace of Drone Strikes Will Be a Lasting Legacy –

Four U.S. citizens killed in Obama drone strikes, but 3 were not intended targets | PolitiFact Texas

Hillary Clinton’s ‘KKK’ Smear Against Trump was Democrat Strategy

We can always count on the true adherents, both the Extreme Left and Extreme Right to go to sleep, when their party, whatever that means, is in power. But everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, Armstrong. Why don’t you go blow yourself up in Oakland with the rest of the critical thinkers, burning down their own town.




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