Have you adopted Social Justice as your new religion? | David Smalley

5 Warning Signs That Social Justice is Your New Religion

So many atheist activists scream from the mountaintops that “evidence is required.” They boast their unwillingness to “believe” anything without substantial evidence. They talk harshly about believers who do accept things on faith or popular opinion. They encourage “critical thought” and “logical discourse.” These are terms we often see thrown around in the circles of frustration when atheists discuss debating believers.

But it seems that the evidence-based activist world turns upside down when an opportunity for being a social justice warrior presents itself. I’ve seen so many atheists turn into believers at the snap of a finger, without requesting any evidence at all.

So here are some warning signs that social justice has become your new religion.

1. You may begin to parrot things said on social media and television without confirming the validity of those statements.

We are constantly telling the religious people in our lives to “look it up” and “do their research” and “don’t just believe what the preachers tell you.” But as soon as an issue happens in our society for which a social injustice may have occurred, you throw all logical discourse out the window and assume if something justifies the wrong-doing, it must be a lie. As part of this symptom, you may also read partial tweets, scan a Facebook post, or skim a Huff-Post article, decide it’s a tl;dr issue, but insist on having a strong opinion without completely researching the topic. This bears a striking resemblance to everything else you’re against.

2. You may start to make absolute truth claims that you cannot demonstrate. 

We ask for evidence in religious debates. And what do we hear? Feelings, emotions, personal relationships with invisible beings, intuition, and talks of “essence.” You dismiss those claims easily because they are not demonstrable. Yet when presented with an opportunity to become a social justice warrior, truth becomes relative to your stance. Confirmation bias takes over. And you reject any truth claims which don’t align with your new predetermined worldview. Sound familiar?

full article: http://dogmadebate.com/uncategorized/2014/11/5-warning-signs-that-social-justice-is-your-new-religion/


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