The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution (1928) | H. G. Wells


“The Open Conspiracy” — First Edition, 1928



The Open Conspiracy was Wells’ Blue Print for A World Revolution; he regarded this book as his finished statement on the way the world ought to be ordered. Possibly he underestimated, or ignored, the fact that it is often in the interest of subsets of the human race to act against other subsets. Moreover the emphasis on religion seems odd, from a rationalist.


He was a socialist of an empirical, rather vague, rationalist type, disliking Marx and unenthusiastic about the managerial socialism of the Webbs.

His book The Open Conspiracy was published in 1928, subtitled Blue Prints for a World Revolution. Bertrand Russell said of this book ‘…I do not know of anything with which I agree more entirely’ though since this was in a begging letter perhaps he was just being polite. It was revised and republished as What Are We to Do with Our Lives? in 1931.

In this short book, Wells attempts to answer the question: What should socialists actually do?—to which he confessed several times to having no very clear idea. It’s a counter to Marx: why shouldn’t non-proletarians unite to change the world?

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