the most powerful word

Somehow the roles of “we the people” of these United States, as master/employer and our representatives in Congress, including the President, and employees of our governmental bureaucracies, as our public servants/employees, have become reversed. Those in our State governments have been complicit in this role reversal and act in the same manner.

Whatever the causes, this situation can not stand. Either “we the people” live in a Constitutional Republic or we do not.

No law, no statute, no treaty or no executives order can overrule the individual freedoms enumerated in the “Bill of Rights“.

Until this is rectified, I suggest non-violent, non-cooperation whenever possible and don’t forget the most powerful word.



2 thoughts on “the most powerful word”

  1. While I agree with your assertion in spirit, I think it underestimates the willingness of “the people” to remain in a position of top-down control. It’s hard to fathom any action taking place in a constitutional republic that is not–at least tacitly–approved by the people. While many of us love to decry the heavy hand of the government, very few of us are willing to accept the personal responsibility that is necessary to form genuine “consent” of the governed.


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