The Regressive Progressives: Anshu Wahi – Bringing one child down to bring another child up!

Bank St. School NY, NY – Using racism to combat racism…

Ultimately, the education of a child should be in the control of his or her parents, not a state change agent. The Bank St. School is a private school and parents can easily remove their child from it, if they disagree with it’s philosophy.

Anshu Wahi, is  a product of the current academic and corporate, global philosophy. If we examine her LinkedIn profile, at the link above, we can also infer privilege. She attended both Dartmouth and Harvard, in which we can also infer, she received a thorough far left, not classical liberal – these days, indoctrination. I’m also a product of the Boston Public Schools and Universities. I know of what I speak. We cannot infer, from her profile, if she is a newcomer or first generation East Asian immigrant but I’d say, one or the other.

On a side note: I find it ironic that many of the active change agents, in these United States today, are from backgrounds or countries that are the most poverty stricken, undemocratic and undiverse in the world, yet they are going to bring the people of these United States, the age of utopian enlightenment. Hmmmmm

This regressive progressive philosophy is quickly coming to an end, in all but the most far left areas of the country, including Boston. Using racism to combat racism or telling white children that they are born racist is nonsense and dangerous. It’s a desperate last ditch effort.

Self esteem comes from the parent(s) not indoctrinated change agents and a child’s advancement comes from challenging, not degrading, him or her. Ms. Wahi knows that.

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